Latest BizSafe 1 – 3 Promotion Package !

Why Choose Us On BizSafe Implementation ?

We are fast & efficient

Do not know where to start off with ?

We will quickly guide you through bizSafe level 1 by visiting your place and get your organisation commitment towards WSH and brief information of your organisation chart.

We can also quickly guide you through bizSafe level2 and conduct a risk management lesson in your office / workplace. Getting your risk management champion ready to roll out the documents.

Our professional consultant will then guide your champion and complete the documentation that are required to go for  bizSafe level 3 certification

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We are professional and approved vendor from MOM

Our Risk management trainer are ACTA trained and approved to conduct risk management program training course

Our MOM approved auditor are well verse with the certification criteria. They will advise their utmost knowledge proper certification.

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Our Price is Affordable & Reasonable

Usual Path

  • BizSafe1 – $100 / 1 day training
  • BizSafe2 – $400-600 / 3-4 days training
  • BizSafe3 – $600-700 / 1 day audit
  • All these wont have advise from professional WSH practitioner


  • BizSafe 1 – 3 fast track
  • No headache of documentation anymore
  • Our professional consultant will guide you through the process
  • We conduct course in your office
  • No more draggy training session
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BizSafe Promotion !!

BizSafe 1 - 3 Fast Track @ $1688 only