An Online Software Program for Tracking Security Training: The LMS

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Often, prospective clients (or even just safety specialists that we satisfy in the field, at conferences, or on social media) understand that there are online software applications for tracking the completion of security training. We typically get calls, e-mails, or online web form submissions asking for more information about software for “tracking safety training conclusion.” So that part’s easy enough.

Sometimes, people do not know there’s a name for the kind of product that is utilized for delivering training, including but not limited to security training, online as well as tracking staff member training development, completion, and expiration– and even more.

In the learning and development market, the tool that safety experts would use to track safety training is referred to as a knowing management system, or LMS for short. If you’re a security expert and you’re searching for an online software application to help you track safety training conclusion, it’s an LMS that you’re trying to find.

And even if your preliminary focus is on tracking security training completion, you’ll quickly find that a knowing management system does a lot more than simply that, and that you’ll be excited to utilize a few of these other LMS tools to improve your general security training program.

If you’ve got a few minutes, continue reading to discover out more about LMSs and how to utilize them for safety training.

And do not forget to download the free online safety training buyer’s guide at the bottom, that includes a great deal of information about LMSs.

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Download our FREE Online Safety Training Buyer’s Guide List What Is a Knowing Management System(LMS )? A learning management system is an online software application that can be used to handle and administer a training program. If you’re a security professional, this can mean your safety training program, although an LMS can be utilized for other types of task training. See this fast overview video to get a standard idea of what a discovering management system can do. Read our What Is a Knowing Management System(LMS)? short article if you wish to find out more about LMSs in basic. Utilizing an LMS for Security Training As you have actually already checked out, you can use a learning management system (LMS )for any sort of training

, including the safety and health training you do at work. Lots of times, potential consumers come to us searching for an online tool that will let them: Designate online security training

to workers Deliver that training online so workers can finish it at a desktop or on mobile

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