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The initial Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission reportwhich was sent out to the Guv’s workplace today recommends imposing active shooter drills in school– Code Red drills–, hardening schools and equipping teachers. WLRN press reporter Caitie Switalski joins Crossway along with security expert Zach Hudson and Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma to describe what remains in the report and what it indicates for schools across the state.

“I believe advocates of solidifying schools rather of weapon control are extremely delighted with this report,” says Switalski.

Code Red drills are needed by state law, but numerous schools do not have a written policy on drills.

“I think when you talk about duty, it needs to fall on everyone who’s on site,” says Hudson.

“It shouldn’t fall on one single officer.”

The examination examined the reaction time and actions of school staff and Broward County Sheriff’s deputies during the Parkland shooting.

“The policy seems rather obvious. The excellent people need to engage the bad guys as quickly as possible,” states Seminole County Constable Dennis Lemma.

“Checking out the report, we weren’t amazed with any of the recommendations that came out of the report at all, and quite honestly, after Columbine, and these current active shooter and active killer circumstances, it’s sort of a shift that we made a very long time ago,” he states.

Lemma states the Seminole County constable’s workplace and school district are improving the way they perform drills after miscommunication about a current ‘code red’ drill at Lake Brantley High School that led some trainees and moms and dads to think there was an actual shooting.

“We have actually upgraded our drills to make sure there’s no confusion about the active threat evaluation,” says Lemma.

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