ATHRA: The reality and misconceptions of vaping safety

Published on January 6, 2019

Recently 2 things highlighted the plain contrast in between individuals’s beliefs about the security of vaping and the truth.

The reality

A video by Public Health England demonstrated that vaping is dramatically more secure than cigarette smoking by collecting the tar from a month of smoking cigarettes and vaping. The big quantity of malignant and hazardous tar from smoke remained in extreme contrast to the minimal release of chemicals from vaping.

This is not surprising as the majority of chemicals in smoke are produced by burning tobacco, launching tar, carbon monoxide gas and 7,000 other toxic toxins. Vaporisers do not include tobacco and there is no combustion or smoke. The majority of the chemicals in smoke are absent from vapour and those that exist are at extremely low levels.

According to Public Health England

The truth is that while not safe, vaping is

at least 95% less damaging than smoking There is a widespread belief that nicotine is even more damaging than it actually is. Here is a good evaluation of nicotine safety: Nicotine. The Practical Drug with the Bad Credibility. As this post explains:”Nicotine by itself, assuming a reasonable dosage, is a mainly benign– and even helpful– substance”

The misconceptions

A study released in the journal Addiction this week showed the distorted danger perceptions in the community. The scientists surveyed 1,720 cigarette smokers and recent ex-smokers in the UK and found:

RealityStudy reaction
Changing to vaping significantly decreases health dangers70% did not believe that switching would lower health damages ‘a lot’
Vaping is far less harmful than smoking cigarettesJust half thought vaping was less hazardous than smoking cigarettes
Vaping is less addictive than smoking cigarettesJust 1 in 4 were mindful of this
Nicotine does not cause cancer40% believed nicotine was the chemical in smoke that the majority of triggers cancer
Nicotine only has minor negative impacts on health50% improperly believed nicotine caused at least half of the harm to health from smoking cigarettes

Previous researc h has actually discovered that public misperceptions about vaping safety are even greater in Australia, in part due to the extreme regulatory method to vaping.

Why are individuals puzzled?

Misleading media reports contribute in confusing cigarette smokers about the dangers of vaping. Experience headlines promote prospective damages, no matter how small, and normally without comparing the threat to cigarette smoking, which is invariably much greater.

The death and misery triggered by cigarette smoking is much less relevant and gets far less coverage.

In Australia, misinformation is shared by anti-vaping public health supporters, health charities and medical associations that have withstood the proof of tobacco damage decrease in spite of the growing research and abroad experience which plainly reveal an advantage. Cigarette smokers are less likely to change to vaping if they are disinformed and have actually exaggerated worries about vaping. This is essential because it will cost lives. As the< a href=""target="_ blank"rel="noopener"> British Medical Association mentioned this week’There is no situation in which it is much safer to continue smoking cigarettes than to utilize an e-cigarette’Australia requires to get with the program!

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