Bar unsafe contractors from bidding for projects

Contractors who are found to have violated safety rules are issued demerit points and some are barred from hiring foreign workers (Workplace safety laws under review; Aug 2).

Is this a strong enough deterrent? It seems a mere slap on the wrist.

Firms are not barred from bidding for new projects.

They can also get around the no-hiring rule by using a subsidiary company or sub-contractors who are able to get the labour to fulfil the main contractor’s work order.

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When a doctor or lawyer is taken to task by their respective governing bodies, they can be barred from practising for some time.

Even an individual who chalks up enough points in traffic violations is suspended from driving.

It is time that contractors who have several safety violations be barred from bidding for projects for a certain period.

There can be no shortcuts to safety.

Ramoo Puru

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