Belgian cops safeguard Lokeren’s residents with Sony 4K security video cameras|Public Safety|Business Development

Authorities in the Belgian city of Lokeren can now respond more efficiently to criminal occurrences– thanks to an upgraded video security option featuring 120 Sony security video cameras including the rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera.Like all urban centers, Lokeren faces the difficulties of criminal activity, vandalism and antisocial habits in its streets, public buildings and open locations. Up until recently, the local cops force depended on analog security cameras to help with identifying and reacting immediately to events. However, these electronic cameras’minimal resolution and image quality frequently prevented efforts to prosecute people as they might not be successfully identified.In reaction to requests from residents to optimize their safety, Lokeren cops chiefs and city politicians pledged to update their video monitoring abilities. In particular, the immediate need was identified to improve the precise acknowledgment of suspects captured on cam– an even higher challenge in the evening or on dull, poorly-lit days.Security experts DS-Consulting for that reason recommended updating Lokeren’s video security to a combination of Full HD and 4K network surveillance cams. A contrast by DS-Consulting saw Sony’s rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera deliver better images in tough low-light conditions. The camera’s large-sized Exmor R ™ CMOS image sensing unit permits it to capture more light than ordinary sensors. This enables it to’see ‘suspicious activity plainly in conditions of practically total darkness, where less sensitive electronic cameras struggle.Installed by Belgian integrator Seris Innovation, the total monitoring service features a video management platform by Genetec Security Center plus 120 tactically located Sony cams, providing 24/7 protection of city center streets in addition to public structures consisting of Lokeren’s police headquarters, main library and city hall.The brand-new cameras give authorities a clearer image of criminal activity in the city streets, helping with the favorable recognition of suspicious individuals even in the evening and in low light conditions. Round-the-clock video footage is routed by means of an optical fiber

network, where images are monitored in the main dispatch workplace at authorities headquarters.Since the electronic cameras’ setup, city authorities has actually seen a reduction in criminal offense levels, accompanied by higher assurance for residents and visitors.


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