Better precaution for southern monks mooted|Bangkok Post: news

Authorities offer security on Saturday for Wat Rattananuparb in Sungai Padi district of Narathiwat after the lethal attack at the temple on Friday. (Reuters image).

NAKHOM PATHOM/NARATHIWAT: The federal government and National Office of Buddhism (NOB) are laying out safety steps to protect monks in the southern border provinces after a fatal attack at a temple in Narathiwat that killed 2 monks and hurt 2 others.

PM’s Workplace Minister Suwaphan Tanyuvardhana stated after an immediate meeting with the NOB on Sunday that brief- and long-term procedures are needed for the security of monks and temples in Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala to help them continue their spiritual task.

The NOB and security firms in the three provinces and 4 districts of Songkhla will work carefully to formulate better plans to avoid monks and temples from being targeted by insurgents.

The conference was held after about 10 armed males sprayed bullets at the cubicles of Wat Rattananuparb in Sungai Padi district of Narathiwat on Friday nigh, eliminating temple abbot Phra Khru Prachote Rattananurak and his assistant, Phra Samuh Atthaporn Khun-amphai. Phra Prawate Sookkaew and Phra Tanachote Chumlert were injured but are now out of threat. The late abbot was the district chief monk in Sungai Padi.The attack by the guys using military-style black clothes was one of the most scary attacks on southern monks in the Muslim-dominated locations. Mr Suwaphan said the NOB will distribute extra funds to temples in the region to promote spiritual activities. NOB director Pongporn Phramsane, who participated in the conference on Sunday, will forward the decision to the Sangha Supreme Council on Monday for guidance. The religious event for the 2 late monks at Wat Rattananuparb, much better understood

by residents as Wat Khok Ko, is under the sponsorship of the Supreme Patriarch, who is also taking care of the 2 injured monks. They were transferred from Sungai Padi Hospital to receive medical treatment at Sungai Kolok Hospital. All monks in the restive region are permitted to choose whether to continue gathering alms from worshippers

. The majority of temples have continued the practice because the attack, however some decided to allow individuals to offer food at the temples rather. Representatives of the Chularatchamontree checked out the two hurt monks at the hospital in Sungai

Kolok district on Sunday to enhance their morale. Surin Palare, the secretary to the Islamic Council of Thailand, said the leading Muslim leader was deeply concerned by the attack, fearing it could intensify stress in between Buddhists and Muslims. The assaulters were attempting to drag the faith into the dispute, he included.


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