Children and gun safety: When should they start learning about gun safety? | Local News |

Previously today, a third grade trainee brought a pistol to Washington Elementary in Billings. Now, the superintendent stated the student had no intention of causing any harm. He simply wished to show his friends.We spoke with a

gun expert to talk more about kids and weapon safety.Wake Up Montana’s

Briana Monte is holding a customized Sig P-320. A kind of pistol Andrew Stapleton, managing partner at Black Butte Range, said should be kept in a protected location such as a lock box or a safe. This is to protect yourself in addition to others, especially children.Stapleton said children tend to be extremely curious and they’re never ever too young

to start learning more about the safety of guns.” If the youth understand about security and guns and how to safely operate firearms,

the safe locations to use a gun- only at a range or a secured facility- I believe that’s the other half of the fight that we’re missing since everyone wishes to lock them up and protect them and conceal them,” Stapleton discussed.” But then it becomes a thing where they’re extremely thinking about the secretive, the film that mom never let you enjoy. You avoid to your good friends’ home and watch it as quickly as you can.” Stapleton said it’s not always moms and dads’ job to teach their kids about gun security, however informing them might

prevent dreadful outcomes. More from this section “If you take a no firearm position in your family, that’s your option, but when you walk through Walmart, you’re going

to walk past a case that has firearms in it or on a TELEVISION that has guns in it,” Stapleton included.” I simply think understanding is power which certainly needs to be used.” So where can you go to teach kids about weapon safety? You can check out a nearby shooting range such as Black Butte Variety, where professionals can provide the appropriate education about weapon safety.


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