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Its been extremely cold recently, today I made a big mistake that cost me cold feet and feeling a bit cold for the very first part of my day!! I forgot to put on an extra pair of socks and another set of leggings. And where was my scarf?? Ayyayyay!! What was I thinking? I think I remained in a rush and wasn’t. lol. it seems like Alaska here in some cases!, Cold and dark, to give you a concept, it was about 26 by the middle of the day however it started bitterly cold … from 3 degrees in the am, low being -2 and gradually increasing … that’s crazy … lol! Another example, this evening the temperature dropped to 9 however seemed like 2 degrees … brrr.However I’m not generally cold, and I don’t normally complain. lol. I can still state,”I like winter” … but i need to state dressing for it is very crucial!! However still i definitely loved my walk and unique time invested with the ducks! They are gorgeous animals !!

It appeared like even the ducks felt a little bit like I did earlier! hahaha, except when I opted for my walk, I had my snowpants on which worked!, So as long as my feet were moving I was great.

I truly enjoyed these fellas, amusing that they would just hang out on the ice and snow like they are, they looked alittle cold, by the method they were huddled together … what’s with the flapping of their tails, so cute!! it’s crazy they can hang out on the ice like they do. wouldnt we enjoy to have unique abilities like they do in some cases … lol!

Remarkably what keeps them warm and able to remain in Maine for the winter is the thick layer of body fat they have and soft down under their waterproof plumes !! So for us Mainers and Winter friends do not forget your layers: it is so crucial when your outdoors. some useful things to include in your outside wear, taken from work environment security north, is having a

wicking layer: like synthetic long johns, cotton not being a great option for wicking layer nor socks choices. this layer requires to remove wetness from your skin and transfer to the next layer.

A middle layer: light to heavy fleece, wool sweater (I like my fleece sweatshirts from llbean)

An external layer: secures from components, preferably waterproof product …

headscarfs, hats, mittens or gloves and boots! And obviously a double sock system … as I discovered the significance of!! Lol!!

I hope this helps you when making your closet choices specifically if youre hanging out in New England this winter season!!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you continue to enjoy your winter adventures !! Have a wonderful day!!

Enjoy this brief video,

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