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Herb Leibacher

Disney started releasing safety cards in the early 2000s. These Wild About Safety Tip Cards were a fun way to communicate common safety issues especially to kids.

Things like storing your possessions, watching where you’re going, not climbing or sitting on things, not skipping line, watching for buses, drinking water, washing hands, and more are all addressed in these cards. Disney celebrated the programs 15th anniversary with updated and even new safety cards!

There are 21 cards in the Wild About Safety series!

There are 21 cards in the Wild About Safety series!

There’s no real rhyme or reason where you can pick up these cards, but other guests have said they’ve been given cards at Disney’s Magical Express Check-in, the monorail Station, Space Mountain, a water taxi dock at one of the Disney resort hotels, and more.

There are some special cards in the bunch! Safety cards 2, 3, 4, 12, 17, 18, 20, and 21 are new, and 7 and 14 are scratch and sniff!

Timon and Pumbaa say, "Have fun in the sun, don't get overdone" to remind you to wear sunscreen!

Timon and Pumbaa say, “Have fun in the sun, don’t get overdone” to remind you to wear sunscreen!

Here’s a list of the current safety cards:

  1. Once you’re aboard, make sure your gear is stored
  2. Always stay seated and keep your hooves and paws inside the vehicle
  3. Take it slow and watch where you go
  4. Stay on the ground where it’s safe and sound
  5. Be aware, it’s a jungle out there
  6. Stay in the groove, be alert when you move
  7. Have fun in the sun, don’t get overdone
  8. It’s a rope, not a ride
  9. Stay on your feet, it’s not a seat
  10. Make sure you are well enough to ride
  11. Paws behind the line
  12. If it’s on wheels, watch each other’s heels
  13. Don’t wait too late to hydrate
  14. Your yummies are not good for our tummies
  15. Good Little Critters – don’t swim when sick, change diapers in the restroom, don’t drink pool water, take frequent restroom breaks
  16. 20 Seconds of washing time rinses away all the grime – wash your paws often
  17. Pass the Word, keep your place in the herd
  18. When stepping high or stepping low, safely is the way to go
  19. Another Bus will come, no need to run
  20. Don’t Go astray, use designated walkways
  21. Not so bold! Only go when you’re told
  22. Laughter keeps you well and makes your day swell

If you’d like to learn more about the Wild About Safety cards or find games and activities to play, you can visit the Wild About Safety website.

Have you ever received a Disney Wild About Safety Card?

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