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Back in 2014, RoSPA released their Guardian Angel Awards, commemorating individuals who have gone ‘above and beyond’to make the world a safer place for their fellow male, woman and kid. In this special post, we shine the spotlight on one of this year’s Archangels in order to illustrate exactly what it takes to make it as a RoSPA award winner, as well as celebrating the wonderful commitment Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery has made to his neighborhood! Chosen by his peers, coworkers describe Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery as having actually been Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company’s (GPIC’s)very own Guardian Angel for over thirty years. And it’s simple to see why. Starting with GPIC as a Chemical Engineer, he progressed all the way to business President, and under his leadership, the organisation has actually ended up being a beacon for health, safety and sustainability in the Middle East. Referred to as ‘a natural communicator’ Dr Jawahery is as much at home talking with dignitaries as he is workers in the plant’s main control room. He is likewise frequently found motivating staff members’ children to think about their own safety at company gatherings and household days. His passion for individuals is not limited to GPIC however. With their help he has actually initiated projects, such as the charity garden, which disperses fruit and veggies to the clingy, and the fish farm, which assists replenish Bahrain’s fish stocks, and contributes to the less fortunate.

We captured up with Dr Jawahery to see what winning a RoSPA Archangel Award implies to him …

How did you feel when you realized you were a winner of a RoSPA Guardian Angel Award?

I was very humbled by the fact that I had been acknowledged by among the world’s most distinguished safety organizations for my contributions towards safety and health. It was an extraordinary honour and I felt fortunate to have been nominated amongst many excellent leaders and visionaries in the field of health and wellness.

In what method has the award assisted/ affected you because winning?

The award has actually afforded me a number of opportunities to advance the goals and strategies for guaranteeing appropriate and sustainable health and wellness. It has actually likewise enhanced and motivated my focus and desire to contribute a lot more to both my organisation and to my broader community.

Because winning, how has the campaign/ your activities altered in the last 12 months?

As President and President of a big petrochemical company in the Middle East, health and wellness has always been at the forefront of everything we do. Since the award, I continue to encourage and lead our organisation to be the beacon of extraordinary requirements and finest practice relating to health and security for the region. My role has to do with passing on my understanding and abilities and about preparing our youth to carry the mantle of health and wellness into the future.

What qualities does somebody require to be a ‘champion’ in health and security?

Dedication and continued focus are key motorists to becoming a true champion in health and wellness. However, above all, it takes thinking in oneself and believing that you can make a distinction to conserving lives and promoting safe practices in a healthy environment– both at the office and in one’s individual life.

What suggestions would you offer to individuals who are working to raise security awareness?

My guidance would be that everything you do genuinely does make a distinction in someone’s life. Never ever give up and constantly find opportunities to lead others towards developing a safe and healthy culture, anywhere you are.

How have you discovered your journey from when you started to today?

Like many people, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was more youthful. What I have actually constantly fundamentally known is what kind of individual I wanted to be. That never altered at any point in my life. My career and my journey to the position I am in today took numerous roadways, lots of experiences and many turns. But knowing who I wished to be and shaping those strong worths and characteristics is, I think, the factor that I am where I am today. It’s likewise the factor that I do not quit on the important things that are essential and it’s the reason, no matter what I am facing, I have the capability to overcome it.

What advice would you provide somebody who is aiming to carry out change however not exactly sure where to start?

The only thing certain about modification, is that there will constantly be change. A few of us handle it well, while others find it hard to make the leap into the unknown. The very best recommendations that I might offer to anybody looking for to make a change is: Start with you. What I have learnt in my several years of experience is that it takes much more guts to change ourselves from within, than it does to make any major company modification.

Is there somebody in your organisation or in the local community who you believe deserves to stand next to these RoSPA Guardian Angels? Somebody whose efforts have gone unrewarded and unrecognised … up until now? If so, then choose them for a RoSPA Guardian Angel Award– and show the world that your organisation supports RoSPA’s vision for a mishap and injury-free society for all.

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