Haskell introduces three gun security bills

Will Haskell
Will Haskell State Sen. Will Haskell (D-26) revealed today, Jan. 22, he has actually sent three brand-new gun safety bills to the General Assembly. If enacted, these propositions would ban untraceable ghost guns, permit law enforcement to demand evidence of a gun authorization of anyone carrying a weapon, and limit bulk purchases of guns.

“Ending gun violence wasn’t just something I discussed on the project trail. With my very first three bills, I’m working to make it a truth,” stated Haskell stated in a press release. “The typical theme in these costs is that they would each empower police officers to keep our communities safe.”

An Act Concerning Ghost Weapons, LCO Number 1022, would prohibit guns without serial numbers and manage those which are sold in a form requiring the buyer to finish assembly or that are homemade.

In 2018, the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee passed a comparable expense, House Costs 5540. The expense never passed the complete General Assembly and did not become law.

“Our evolving digital landscape has actually developed new hazards, including the ability to buy parts of a weapon online and build the weapon in your home. This bill brings our statutes into the 21st century and assists specify what is and is not a gun,” Haskell stated. “Ghost guns make up an inappropriate loophole in our laws, as weapons built in the house do not have an identification number.”

An Act Worrying the Discussion of a Carry License, LCO Number 1021, would require people who honestly carry a gun to reveal their gun authorization to police officers if asked for.

In 2017, a similar expense, Home Bill 6200, was heard by the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee but was never ever voted on.


“In Connecticut, chauffeurs who are pulled over by a policeman are needed to reveal their driver’s license upon request,” Haskell said. “It only makes sense that if you are walking town bring a fatal firearm that you be required to show the permit that allows you to do so upon request of a law enforcement officer. In 2017, 35 cops chiefs supported a similar procedure. Let’s listen to these public safety leaders.”


An Act Concerning Restricting Multiple Pistol Purchases in a Thirty-Day Period, LCO Number 1024, would limit the number of guns a person can acquire to one each month.

“If you’re buying multiple weapons at once, the possibilities that those guns are going to be used in a criminal manner drastically increases,” Haskell said. “Connecticut presently has no constraint on the bulk buying of weapons. We need to follow the lead of other states and close this loophole to make certain that fewer weapons fall into the incorrect hands.”

According to the Gifford Law Center, 20% of all pistols recuperated in crime in 2000 were initially purchased as part of a several sale, Haskell’s office said. California, Maryland, and New Jersey have similar one-firearm-per-person-per-month laws.

Haskell is chair of the Greater Education and Employment Improvement Committee and vice chair of Government Administration and Elections. He is also a member of the Transportation, Judiciary, Environment and Human being Services committees.

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