How to Get Started with bizSAFE: A Step-by-Step Guide

A vital first step for companies in Singapore looking to raise workplace safety standards is obtaining bizSAFE accreditation. This thorough guide will take you through all the necessary procedures for a seamless certification process, regardless of your experience level with bizSAFE.

Recognising bizSAFE

A five-tiered certification scheme called bizSAFE was created by the Singaporean Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC). It aids companies in developing their workplace health and safety (WSH) capacities. The levels go from Level 1, which calls for the support of top management, to Level Star, which demands adherence to global safety regulations.

Step 1: Obtain the Support of Top Management

Your top management must make a firm commitment to the bizSAFE certification process. This pledge is essential because it establishes the framework for how your business will handle workplace safety. Your top executives must attend a half-day bizSAFE Level 1 session as the initial step in this procedure. They will gain a better understanding of the value of WSH and their responsibilities for advancing it inside the company from this workshop.

Step 2: Designate a Champion for Risk Management (RM)

Selecting a committed Risk Management (RM) Champion is the next stage after getting upper management on board. This individual will be in charge of managing risk and making sure your business complies with bizSAFE regulations. A bizSAFE Level 2 course covering risk management principles and techniques should be attended by the RM Champion.

Step 3: Create a policy for workplace health and safety (WSH)

Now that you have an RM Champion in place, it is time to create a thorough WSH policy. This policy should specify the duties and obligations of employees, your company’s commitment to upholding a safe workplace, and the steps involved in risk management. Make sure that the WSH policy is easily accessible for reference and that it is adequately communicated to all workers.

Execute the risk management plan in step four.

A strong risk management strategy must be put into action in order to reach bizSAFE Level 3. This strategy should include any dangers that may arise at work, evaluate the risks connected to them, and provide instructions on how to reduce or eliminate them. Leading this initiative and collaborating closely with staff members to guarantee that all risks are adequately managed is the role of the RM Champion.

Step 5: Perform an Audit of Risk Management

It is imperative that you get your risk management strategy reviewed by a MOM WSH accredited auditor after it has been put into action. Your risk management plan’s compliance with the WSH (Risk Management) Regulations will be confirmed by this audit. Following the audit’s successful conclusion, your business will receive the bizSAFE Level 3 certification.

Create a WSH Management System in Step Six.

Your business must create a WSH management system that covers other workplace safety and health factors in addition to risk management in order to achieve bizSAFE Level 4. This method need to raise your WSH standards on a constant basis and incorporate safety procedures into your day-to-day activities. An efficient WSH management system must include both frequent employee communication and training.

Step 7: Perform an Audit of the WSH Management System

A MOM-approved WSH auditor is required to audit your WSH management system, much like they do for risk management audits. This audit will make sure that your system is executed efficiently and complies with the necessary standards. You will be awarded the bizSAFE Level 4 certificate upon completion.

Step 8: Reach Level Star Status in bizSAFE

Achieving bizSAFE Level Star is the ultimate goal of bizSAFE certification. For your business to reach this level, accreditation for an internationally recognised WSH standard—like OHSAS 18001, SS506, or ISO 45001—must be obtained. This shows how dedicated your business is to upholding the greatest standards for worker health and safety.

Step 9: Promote a Culture of Safety First

Creating a safety-first culture within your company is essential to achieving bizSAFE accreditation, not just checking boxes. Encourage staff members to report risks, include safety in daily duties, and attend safety training sessions. Acknowledge and commend workers who show a dedication to workplace safety.

Step 10: Observe and Enhance Constantly

Occupational safety is a continual process that needs to be continuously observed and enhanced. Make that your safety procedures, risk management strategies, and WSH policies are up to date and still effective by regularly reviewing them. To make the required changes, consider input from audits, incidents, and staff ideas.

In summary

Commencing the bizSAFE certification process will greatly improve the reputation of your company and provide a safer working environment for your staff. You can successfully and efficiently handle the certification procedure by adhering to our step-by-step guidance.

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