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Runway safety is a long-standing safety concern and has been aviation’s primary security obstacle for the previous 20 years. About half of all aviation accidents reported to ICAO have actually been linked to runway safety. In September 2010, the 37th ICAO Assembly settled on resolution A37-6, urging States to take procedures to improve runway security and contacting ICAO to lead the collective efforts needed to minimize runway safety-related accidents and incidents worldwide. Because then, ICAO and its Runway Security Program Partners have been interacting to reduce and alleviate the threats of occasions connected to runway security.

Effect on global air travel: As seen in the charts on the left, in recent years accidents related to runway safety have gradually declined and led to fairly low numbers of deaths. Given that 2011 the number of runway safety-related mishaps has actually decreased by 43%.

Much of the success can be accredited to the work of ICAO’s collaborative Runway Security Program, enhancement of ICAO runway safety-related arrangements and stakeholders’ efforts, such as the facility of Runway Security Groups at airports. Still, with global air traffic forecasted to double in the next fifteen years and the air travel industry ending up being more and more complex, it is very important to continue efforts to decrease runway associated dangers to as low as possible.


Security Program Efforts: The ICAO Runway Security Programme has actually led lots of efforts focused on improving international runway security. Some crucial efforts consist of:

For more details on ICAO’s Runway Safety Program efforts and access to runway safety assistance, please visit their website here. Worldwide Runway Security Action Strategy Key Recommended Actions Stakeholder Actions State CAAs and Industry Gather and evaluate data and develop/implement actionplans Take partin Aerodrome Runway Security

action strategies Deal assistance to States that require it Runway Safety Programme Partners Continue to work together on
  • the monitoring of runway safety-related data, conduct
  • analysis and identify suitable mitigations Continue to support the establishment ofreliable Airport RSTs with RST Go-team objectives Organize a global runway security event a minimum of every six years ICAO Improve Assembly Resolution, SARPs and existing guidance material for Runway Security Develop recommended practices for prevention of runway trips Establish guidance to States on State Runway Security Programmes Improve ICAO runway safety associated

  • training Deploy the Worldwide Reporting Format for examining and reporting runway surface area conditions Despite the success achieved hence far, runway security
  • , especially runway expeditions and attacks, continues to be among air travel’s leading security threat categories. The GRSAP will drive better runway safety risk mitigation over the next numerous years, while the ICAO Runway Security Programme Partners continue to lead collaborative efforts and global
  • efforts. Runway safety stakeholders worldwide need to likewise do their part by executing the actions in the GRSAP and by interacting to resolve this complex problem. About the Author < img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-9118 "data-src="https://www.unitingaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Bio-Photo-150x150.jpg%20"alt =""width ="150 "height ="150"srcset ="https://www.unitingaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Bio-Photo-150x150.jpg%20150w

    , https://www.unitingaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Bio-Photo-100×100.jpg 100w”sizes=”(max-width: 150px)100vw, 150px”>Brian DeCouto is the Security Execution Assistance Officer– Security at ICAO accountable for runway safety. He is a secondee from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority where he has actually been an Airworthiness Inspector because 2008. He possesses a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Aviation Security and Airworthiness from ENAC in Toulouse, France.

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