Is personal aviation safety undervalued?

With enhancements in technology, general air travel has become much more secure; nevertheless, the accident rate in basic air travel hasn’t altered much over the past decade. The FAA and industry are concentrated on reducing basic aviation accidents by mostly utilizing a voluntary, non-regulatory, proactive, data-driven strategy to get outcomes– similar to the method the FAA utilizes in industrial air travel. Is that enough?

Let’s have a look at personal security equipment specifications. The FAA requires overwater flights carry life preservers and other authorized safety flotation devicesfor travelers and team for Parts 121, 125 and 135 just if the overwater flight is at a range of more than 50 nautical miles from the closest coastline. For the most part, this doesn’t consist of large bodies of water like lakes, bays and even rivers, which can still be an unforgiving environment.

To put that in perspective, for a bulk of basic aviation airplane, you can legally run over any of the waters in and around the U.S. without any sort of flotation gadget aboard.

Being forced to ditch is a difficult experience, however one that doesn’t have to be traumatic. With the best equipment and preparation, you are likely to make it through a water ditching; in reality, the basic air travel dumping survival rate is 90%. To do so, your security is in your own hands. Understanding the risks, preparing for the occasion, making sure that the appropriate equipment is readily available will considerably enhance the likelihood of success.

Prepare for the occasion of a water dropping

To make it through, comprehend the threats, prepare for various situations and guarantee you have the correct equipment.

What do you think; should individual safety devices like life vests and rafts be needed on all flights?


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