Mentor Water Security plus Swimming Pool Printable Load

In Australia, many people have a pool in the backyard, or they live close to the beach. It is extremely sad to hear about all the drownings that occur, so I created this pool printable pack that includes water safety posters to help teach children about being safe when near or in water.

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  • laminator
  • colouring pencils
  • lead pencils

To develop knowledge and understanding of the dangers of water, water safety education is key. Children are more likely to learn and remember water safety skills when learning through fun activities. The has some amazing advice and activities for young kids and adults alike.

Here are some precautions that should be taken to keep your child safe around water:

  • Watch your child/ren constantly. Give them your undivided attention.
  • Stay within reach of them at all times.
  • Display a resuscitation CPR chart on your pool fence. This is a legal requirement in Australia, attached in a central location on the fence so it can be seen from all directions.
  • Help your child become familiar with water and water safety from a young age. Having them participate in swimming lessons from a young age is a great way to do this.
  • Even with paddling pools, children need to be constantly supervised. Empty the paddling pool and any other objects that can hold water such as baths, basins, buckets, troughs and sinks immediately after use.
  • Always watch children when they are wearing flotation devices as they could tip upside down or slip through into the water.
  • Teach your child how to float and to swim to the side if they are in trouble.

Pool Printable Pack

This massive 160-page Pool Printable Pack contains 26 different mini posters that would be great printed out on white cardstock and laminated. They can be used to introduce your child to water safety.

It also includes many math and literacy activities such as:

  • Pool Easy Read Book – one with and one without tracking dots
  • Highlight the Letters
  • Pool or Not? Activity
  • Singular or Plural
  • Word Search
  • Colouring Pages
  • Find your way through the tangles
  • Tracing practice
  • Size sequencing cards
  • Noun or Verb?
  • Creative Writing Pages
  • Shadow Matching
  • Sequencing Cards
  • Dab a dot pages
  • Puzzles
  • Number Puzzles
  • Cross the Odd One Out
  • Complete the Patterns
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Read, Write, Stamp
  • 3 Part Cards
  • Trace and Write the Name of the Shape
  • Follow the Path
  • Colour by Code
  • Alphabet Matching Cards
  • Roll and Write
  • Number Cards
  • Box the Words
  • Dice / Graphing Activity
  • Ordinal Numbers Activity
  • Colouring Activity
  • Count and Clip Cards
  • Addition and Subtraction Cards
  • Odd and Even Number Activity
  • I See – Count and Write
  • Write the Time
  • Number Flip Cards

To download a copy of this printable pack, click on the link below:

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