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When it concerns your metal structure, storage facility or factory structure, the most essential ongoing concern is the safety of the employees inside. Keeping workers safe, healthy and happy should be top-of-mind when they are inside your structure, but what about exterior? When workers are on your roofing– and you understand they will be– what I keeping them safe up there? OSHA has extremely specific guidelines for employee safety, and Style Elements Inc.’s METALWALK ® roof walkway system satisfies or goes beyond all of them. METALWALK ® and OSHA are a match made in paradise.

Taking a look at METALWALK ® and OSHA standards

Obviously you would do whatever in your power to keep your employees safe, but OSHA requirements are in place to keep everyone in line with workplace security finest practices. Failure to follow these standards, for whatever reason, could lead to monetary and criminal charges versus you, the employer, or worse, accident, injury or perhaps the death of a staff member. Needless to say, following OSHA standards in your metal structure need to be a no-brainer.

How do METALWALK ® and OSHA work together? The METALWALK ® roof walkway system is the gold standard in getting your workers around on your rooftop, where they could be cleaning up, servicing equipment; anything that needs doing above your building, the METALWALK ® rooftop sidewalk system can manage it. In conjunction with our safety handrail system, the METALWALK ® rooftop pathway system does not permeate any standing joint metal roofing system panels and, of course, is completely evaluated to be OSHA compliant.

What are you awaiting?

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