More signage not necessarily the answer to improved safety at Second Valley|The Times

More signage not necessarily the answer to improved security at Second Valley

SIGNAGE: Yankalilla District Council chose member David Olsson with an indication on the cliffs at Second Valley in 2016. Signs such as this are neglected by the public.With Second Valley routinely ranked in the top 10 Australian beaches, it’s not surprising that individuals desire to catch the best photo, but overlooking indication to climb up the cliffs is not the answer.District Council of Yankalilla Chief Executive Nigel Morris

said the call for even more signs was unlikely to considerably help following the newest cliff rescue at the popular summertime hotspot. “If you see an indication saying wet paint, do not touch, some individuals still touch the paint.

Council can encourage individuals of the threat of climbing the cliffs and put signs around, however people will still neglect them. We often see photos on social networks of people strolling ideal previous caution indications pointing at them,” Mr Morris said. “There is little point council responding by racing out and installing more of the exact same signage since I don’t believe more signs will stop individuals doing what sadly they are going to do.” Mr Morris, however included that he has had a conversation with among the males from the most recent rescue and will take on board his ideas for an ‘Extreme Threat’ indication past the initial ‘Threat ‘indications where the surface begins to alter.” Safety of the neighborhood and visitors is paramount, if having such a check in location would have avoided any incident, he is prepared to consider it for the future. “Mr Morris also mentioned that council was not considering high fencing.” We are not going to take a look at big fences because they will have a negative impact on the natural surroundings– not to discuss individuals will still climb up the fences.” For instance, the quarry at Rapid Bay has 3 metre high fencing with barbed wire and yet Mr Morris has actually seen pictures of people trespassing inside the fence, precariously tight-rope walking on steel beams.” We can put indications and fencing up, but we still need people to use common sense,” he said.” Things do fail– which’s why we have emergency situation services, many of whom are unpaid volunteers and they do a great job, however sometimes you need to take duty for your

own actions.”” We implore everyone to look after themselves this joyful season,” he said.Discuss” More indications not solution to safety “Please note: All remarks made or shown here are bound by the Online Discussion Terms & Conditions. Talk about “More indications not solution to security”


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