Motorcycle Helmet FIM Security Requirement Will Ultimately Make it Off the Racetrack

Include Another Helmet Security Standard to Your List

There are numerous helmet safety requirements that MotoGP racers will likely impact the consumer market ultimately. That requirement? Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

All Grand Prix individuals will need to use FIM homologated helmets in 2019. It’s more crucial than any other worldwide acknowledged security requirements like ECE, JIS, and Snell. Cycle World had an opportunity to sit down with FIM Marketing Director Fabio Muner to shed some light on the new security requirements.

During their chat, Muner said the helmets with FIM approval are much safer than helmets with other rankings. He credits the screening procedure.

“The homologation is per size, and 10 samples are asked for per size,” stated Muner. “Each helmet undergoes not just one however a number of effect tests (high- and low-speed direct effect, oblique impact, penetration). Paint and comfort padding of the homologated helmets are recorded, however they can be customized by the maker and the homologation will stay legitimate.”

Muner likewise said FIM will take into consideration spoilers and other helmet add-ons throughout testing that some brands attach to their helmets for race functions. He said the addition of these style components guarantees the testing is accurate.

Will Average Joes Required FIM Helmets Soon?

Near the end of the interview, Muner discussed to possibility of manufacturers making FIM helmets for the public. He said the organization’s main objective is the paddock and the racers. He made it clear that the organization’s mission is not to impact the consumer market.

With that stated, Muner did state he believes it would be wise for manufacturers to sell FIM homologated helmets to customers. Fim homologated helmets will include a special hologram label. Muner stated to anticipate to begin seeing the label on helmets at car dealerships.

I recommend greater levels of safety for helmets. Any rider ought to wear a helmet, and if you’re going to wear one, it may also have the highest safety ranking possible. If you remain in the marketplace for a brand-new helmet as soon as 2019 rolls around, watch out for a FIM homologated one.

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