OSHA Now Utilizing Drones For Security Assessments

We are in the middle of a technological revolution. No matter the task, innovation continues to find its way into every corner of every market, consisting of building. Heading into 2019, among the most intriguing (and worrying to some) technology that we will be seeing on building sites may not be onwebsite, but above it. This is mainly due to OSHA’s 2018 implementation of Unmanned Airplane Systems to enhance security inspections. We’ve had a couple of customers reveal issue over these drones and wanted to provide some guidance on the topic.

What does the memorandum actually state?

The memorandum essentially specifies that OSHA has actually included Unmanned Aircraft Systems, frequently understood as drones, to their toolkit for conducting security examinations. Drones are indicated to be utilized to check locations that are considered hazardous or hard to grab inspectors on foot. It likewise states that employers do not have to allow access to the drone part of any assessment.

If it isn’t obligatory, should you allow drone usage?

Yes. It’s our recommendation to allow OSHA to inspect your task website, whether drones are involved or not. While you can reject making use of drones, needing OSHA to produce a search warrant, we recommend otherwise. Not just does this circumstance hold-up the unavoidable security assessment, it opens the doors for a hostile relationship with OSHA, which isn’t great for anyone.

How can I be proactive?

The most efficient method to get ready for a drone inspection or any safety inspection for that matter is to put in the time to prepare. Inform your employees on appropriate security procedures beyond the minimum requirements. Teach them how to identify and report risks and address those reports. Practicing these habits will prevent possible injuries and citations while teaching staff members what a safe office appears like.

For a more hands on method, lots of companies use mock osha audits to help recognize and prevent potential violations before OSHA ever gets on your website or a drone gets in the air. The post

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