PIE work site collapse: Construction accidents in the past

JAN 29, 2014 

The collapse of a support structure in Sentosa left one worker dead and 10 injured. They were on top of a three- storey-high formwork supporting a mould for a beam being built for an entertainment centre. The incident happened as the concrete mix was being poured into the mould.

JULY 18, 2012

Two Chinese workers died and eight others were injured after an underground link- way they were working on at the Bugis MRT station collapsed. They were checking the structure for leaks as it was being cast when the scaffolding supporting the structure gave way.

APRIL 20, 2004

A massive cave-in on Nicoll Highway, due to tunnelling works for MRT’s Circle Line, was one of the worst construction accidents in Singapore’s history. Four workers were killed in the incident.

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