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As you’ve most likely seen, YouTube has actually come under scrutiny over the past few years due to restricted control over ad placements. As a user-generated material platform with over 400 hours of video published every minute, YouTube can not assess the subject matter of the material uploaded in real time.

Earlier this year, CNN reported that ads from over 300 companies were revealed before or along with videos promoting white nationalism, North Korean propaganda, pedophilia, and extra delicate categories, thus funding these channels through their paid marketing. Ads were even spotted operating on videos that do contain an offending material warning.

Comparable occurrences were found previously and both reports triggered some marketers to completely pull out of YouTube marketing up until more stringent controls were put in place.

YouTube’s action to restricted control over advertisement placements

In action, YouTube totally paused TrueView Discovery advertisements, which have actually since been reinstated.

Furthermore, in early 2018, Google announced increased thresholds for monetization of a YouTube channel, now requiring a minimum of 4,000 hours of watchtime in the previous 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 customers.

The most recent change for advertisers wanting to control where their ads are revealed on YouTube features the October 2018 release of the Stock Type setting in Google Ads. Formerly, advertisers might select at the classification level if they wish to exclude particular categories such as catastrophe & & conflict, blasphemy & rough language, and sexually suggestive content, to name a few.

Now, advertisers just pick from three levels of stock: expanded, standard, or restricted. Details on what is and isn’t consisted of in each brand-new content category can be discovered here. Google also has a new “Video Advertisement Security Pledge” keeping in mind that no matter which stock type you pick, ads will instantly be omitted from videos including profane language in the title, complete nudity, animal breeding, sexual assault, drug abuse and sale, and content discussing terrorism or sensitive existing events.

How Seer secures our customers

At Seer, we take our customers’ brand name safety across all networks extremely seriously.

On YouTube, specifically, we follow a list of brand name security finest practices for all video projects, in addition to consider potential conflicts of interest for any provided customer.

Google recommends the standard inventory filter, it might be much better for a lot of brands to use the restricted inventory filter, specifically when budget is restricted.

Other controls we have in location for making sure YouTube video advertisement brand security consist of:

YouTube is an effective platform to provide users an additional push towards your brand, however make certain to take some steps of control to ensure brand name safety. For additional information on how you can get going with YouTube advertising, check out !


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