Report: 'Significant Health and Safety Concerns' in Minneapolis Strip Clubs

“It’s terrible, but it’s not shocking. You hear these stories when you work in the industry,” said Tawnya “Sweetpea” Konobeck, a local entertainer who was part of the study team’s community advisory group.

Added Lauren Martin, the director of research at the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center: “This is a legal industry, and workers in a legal industry should have a safe and supportive work environment free from harassment and assault.”

Monday’s report isn’t the first time Minneapolis council members have discussed the city’s adult entertainment venues. Earlier in March, Minneapolis Department of Health officials confirmed the presence of bodily fluids at about a dozen downtown clubs. A city spokesperson said both inquiries stem from a complaint lodged against a single downtown venue.

Officials are now vowing to take action. Council Member Cam Gordon said Monday that he expects to introduce up to three ordinance amendments to better regulate adult entertainment establishments in the city.

Council Member Andrew Johnson added, “It’s disturbing and it’s something that’s unacceptable and that we need to change.”

There are 17 businesses in Minneapolis that are licensed as adult entertainment establishments. Fourteen of those provide erotic dancing and were the focus of the study.

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