Research group publishes pamphlet on selecting slip-resistant footwear

Montreal – A new pamphlet from scientific research organization IRSST offers guidance on selecting slip-resistant footwear for the workplace.

Intended for workers, purchasers, and safety and health committees, the free pamphlet details the procedures for choosing footwear with proper grip and protection against hazards. It also lists necessary steps, including creating a selection committee, considering risk factors, selecting the proper sole and verifying the selection before purchase.

In addition, the publication includes a list of documents about slip prevention in both English and French, as well as a description of test methods. To make an educated choice, factors regarding the worker, the worker’s tasks and the environment should be considered, IRSST states.

“There is no single model of footwear that will eliminate all risks,” Chantal Gauvin, IRSST engineer and author of the pamphlet, said in a press release. “It is therefore essential to do a thorough analysis of the workplace and the tasks to be performed to determine the best ways to reduce accident risks, while understanding that the choice of good slip-resistant footwear should be complementary to other preventive measures implemented by an organization to eliminate or reduce the sources of danger.”

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