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Riverside includes EMS Security Providers to Health & & Safety Institute portfolio

Both EMS and HSI’s ASHI/MEDIC First Aid brand names are widely known for a large range of premium, competitively priced emergency care (EC) training material that is flexible and user friendly. The acquisition significantly increases HSI’s presence in the EC market, additional reinforcing HSI as a leading provider of very first help and CPR training.
“We are thrilled about the strong synergy EMS brings to the HSI portfolio,” states Riverside Handling Partner Suzy Kriscunas. “HSI has long appreciated EMS’ material and brand, and the HSI/EMS collaboration expands brand-new opportunities for existing and potential customers of both services.”
EMS marks HSI’s 4th acquisition considering that Riverside acquired the platform in May 2015. Riverside is actively supporting HSI’s efforts to include complementary brand-new content and deliver best-in-class services and products to its varied network of loyal consumers.
“Riverside and HSI management are thrilled to take another action forward in our goal to make offices and neighborhoods more secure,” states Riverside Partner Steve Burns.
Working with Kriscunas and Burns on the offer were Vice President Fei Ren, Senior Associate John Ribble and Partner Vinay Raj. Partner Anne Hayes protected financing for the deal.
Midcap Financial supplied the funding, and Jones Day offered legal counsel.

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