Safety guidelines in place for grass-cutting operations

We thank Mr Michael Goh Keng Guan and Mr Andrew Chia for their letters (Look into dangers of grass cutting, Feb 6; Tips from Japanese on cutting grass, Feb 7, respectively).

There are prescribed safety measures in place for landscape operations.

These include making checks for debris, litter or items that may cause injury to the operator or passers-by before mowing the area, and switching off the engine to allow the nylon line to stop before lifting the grass cutter to a new area.

These measures are found in the Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines for Landscape and Horticulture Management.

The guidelines were introduced in 2008 and have been promoted through safety seminars and other industry events.

Landscape companies and organisations engaging grass-cutting services may refer to the guidelines, which can be downloaded from the “Resources” section of the Workplace Safety and Health Council website.

We will continue to reach out to service providers and their clients to reiterate these safety guidelines in the course of their operations.

Sim Cheng Hai

Group Director

Industry & Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology

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