Safety in Canada: five aspects to think about prior to making the move

Safety plays an important role in determining where you will choose to live! Just as you would do before traveling to a brand-new location, it is essential to do your research study into security and security when thinking about migration. We’ve created some of the most important security factors beginners might wish to know more about when thinking about Canadian migration!

FREE ASSESSMENT Canada is considered among the best nations in the world. In 2018, Canada was ranked 6th of 163 nations on the Worldwide Peace Index, which considers levels of violence or safety through measuring security and conflict. Canada’s high position on the index sits along with Denmark and the Czech Republic, and is put 6 locations before Australia, 17 spots prior to the Netherlands and 51 spots before the UK.

The OECD index, which tries to determine lifestyle more comprehensively, offers Canada a rating of 9.1 out of 10 for safety. This ranking puts Canada considerably above the United States (7.8 ), New Zealand (7.6) and Australia (7.5 ).

In this short article, we have a look at safety in Canada throughout five elements: crime rate, employee health and security, housing, health and emergency situation services, and basic understandings of individual security!

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