Saraki raises issue over his security

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki on Friday, raised issue over his security and those of his political fans in his state, Kwara.

Saraki, Director-general of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Project Organisation, at a news conference in Abuja, accused the security firms of providing cover to individuals who were letting loose violence on the supporters of the PDP throughout the state.

A similar accusation had been made by the opposition All Progressives Congress members in the state, who declared that PDP thugs damaged signboards and posters throughout the state and in one circumstances at the Emir’s Palace in Ilorin, prevented the APC governorship candidate, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq from making a speech.

Saraki stated that the authorities had actually continued to reveal hostility to him and his advocates in Kwara State as part of efforts to jeopardise and undermine his personal security and that of his immediate and larger family.

The Senate President mentioned 3 occurrences to show his fear about his security, declared that on Thursday, some supporters and criminals of the APC attacked PDP supporters at Adewole/Adeta, Ilorin, who were holding their weekly ward conferences.

“They interfered with the meetings by screaming their party motto and when our individuals responded by mentioning our own slogan, they fired gun shots into their middle in Adewole/Adeta.

“They likewise inflicted machete cuts on some of them. As a result of this attack, two individuals suffered bullet wounds.”

Saraki added that also on Thursday, the exact same punks went to his household quarters in Agbaji in Ilorin and vandalised houses, shops and caused machete wounds on 3 individuals.

“All these damages occurred in the existence of cops who featured them however watched without any care, as the APC punks and supporters released violence on our people.

“For me, personally, I believe the choice to assault people and properties in my family ancestral compound is a direct affront and attack on my individual.

“And whatever signal these APC elements with assistance from the authorities think they are sending out is absolutely sinister, uncivilized and unfortunate.

“Our people have submitted reports of the occurrences in pertinent authorities stations in Ilorin however we have doubts that anything tangible and constructive will come out of these reports.”

Saraki included that the same Authorities under the regulation of Inspector General of Authorities, Mr Ibrahim Idris on Thursday began the transfer of Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) out of Kwara.

The Senate President stated that while the authorities are totally free to take decisions on the implementation of their workers, they found the postings in Kwara State unusual and more than a mere coincidence.

“It needs to also be kept in mind that IGP has posted 3 various Commissioners of Police to Kwara State in the last six months.

“In fact, the previous and current Commissioner of Police in the State got stringent directions from the IGP not to relate or engage with the Senate President.

“The normal practice has actually been that the Commissioner of Cops personally guarantees the security of the Senate President whenever he visits his home state.

“That was the practice during the duration of my predecessor and in my first year in workplace.”

Saraki said that now that he is set to begin ward to ward campaigns in the state, he is not exactly sure what directions the IGP had offered to the cops command in the state.

“Thus, the whole world needs to hold the IGP responsible if anything unfortunate takes place to members of my household and myself.”

Saraki alleged that IGP Idris had actually attempted thrice to implicate him in some criminal charges.

Among them was the arrest of some cultists, who claimed they worked for him. Another, he said, was the Offa robbery. Saraki said none of the plots was successful.

“A circumstance where political goons and operatives attack opponents of the APC under the watch and security of law enforcement agents does not present Nigeria well in the comity of nations,” Saraki stated.

The post Newsverge.

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