Security Harbor Marina site of NPCA’s very first public art installation – Safety Harbor Link

Tampa artist Vanessa Montenegro (l) recently finished the “Renaissance Octopus”, the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance’s very first public art installation, at the Safety Harbor Marina.If you’ve taken

a journey down to the Security Harbor waterside lately, chances are the recently completed boardwalk at the Waterside Park isn’t the only new thing you

have actually seen. The city just recently received its most recent public art setup, “Renaissance Octopus “, which was painted on the crosswalk in front of the boat ramp at the Safety Harbor Marina by Tampa artist Vanessa Montenegro. The piece, which includes a multitasking octopod embracing sports, art and literature, is the first job for the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance, a nonprofit devoted to promoting art, culture and history in 6 north county communities.

Montenegro, an art teacher who has actually worked on public art projects in Tampa and Clearwater, said she mored than happy to be selected for the NPCA’s initial installation as she was finishing up a long day of painting earlier this month.

“I like Safety Harbor. It’s so charming and cute,” she said on Monday, May 1.

Tampa artist Vanessa Montenegro and her hubby, Alfredo, work in Safety Harbor on Might 1, 2017.

“My husband and I come here a lot, to eat in the dining establishments and run in Philippe Park and bike the (Bayshore Linear Greenway) path. In Tampa, what you always hear about Safety Harbor is they have a little downtown and a fantastic art neighborhood, and it holds true.”

Montenegro said she her group– hubby, Alfredo and student Aren Agocho– faced a few snags when it concerned painting the crosswalk, which requires unique products and processes to ensure correct adhesion.

“It had to be pressure cleaned and dried, and we had a couple of technical problems and concerns with the wind blowing the stencils around,” she described.

“Once my hubby set up the camping tent we were on a roll, and the warm temperatures actually assisted the paint dry quicker.”

Montenegro, who has actually worked on the famous Clearwater dolphins in addition to an unique task for the Southeastern Guide Dogs organization, stated her design was selected by the NPCA after a require artists went out, and she kept in mind the experience of dealing with the alliance and the city was a pleasant one.

Tampa artist Vanessa Montenegro.

“This was the very first one, so we were type of Guinea pigs,” Montenegro stated.

“But it has been truly simple to work with Susan (Zinkel) and the city,” she added. “I actually liked it.”

NPCA board members and city personnel were similarly appreciate of Montenegro’s efforts.

“Renaissance Octopus” by artist Vanessa Montenegro is a terrific addition to Security Harbor’s Public Art collection, and we are grateful for this most current setup,”leisure superintendent and Public Art Committee liaison Shannon Schafer said through email.

“A huge Thank you to Susan Zinkel for her work with the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance and their sponsorship of the art work.”

For her part Zinkel, who acted as a liaison in between the alliance and the artist, didn’t desire any credit for pulling the task together.

“I just want to make certain that North Pinellas Cultural Alliance is thanked for sponsoring the crosswalk, and Vanessa is appreciated for her work,” Zinkel stated.

“Renaissance Octopus” was painted on a crosswalk at the Safety Harbor Marina on Monday, May 1, 2017 and represents the preliminary public art project from the nonprofit North Pinellas Cultural Alliance.

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