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decades of success in producing, executing, and maintaining security, health, and environmental programs at both regional branches and corporate levels. He’s developed and presented programs throughout the previous twenty years that led to over a 30% reduction in accidents and events, which has actually also reduced those employers’ insurance costs, too.

Today he is Security Director at Formetco Incorporated.

His diverse experience in company varieties from signboard building and construction and change of advertising copy to live amphitheater music efficiencies to beast truck racing to medical gadget manufacturing– and beyond– and he’s likewise a desired speaker for security, health and ecological concerns.

As an expert, Jim has actually worked with business such as Johnson & & Johnson, Becton Dickinson, Baxter Travenol, Lamar Outdoor, Plexus International, Keystone Outdoor, and Frontier Outdoor, just among others.

Keep checking out to see the must-know recommendations this Security Hero has for somebody beginning out in the field, and why he says the concern “How can I help?” can be among the most effective questions any security leader can make use of.

What’s the very best piece of recommendations you have been provided and who gave it to you?

My friend, and previous employer, Mike Deeds used to “obtain” quotes from famous individuals. Among his favorites was “do the best thing even when nobody is looking.” This has actually been the very best piece of recommendations I’ve been offered in my working career.

What’s your advice for someone beginning in a function that supports safety and/or health of employees in some capability?

My recommendations to someone beginning in a security or health position would be to remain true to what you know is right. What I imply is that in some cases security specialists are asked to provide leniency or over appearance risky conditions since of an influence on production, or the possibility that someone will be ended for a risky act.

Do not let others cause you to decide that might result in someone duplicating an unsafe act or risking fatal injury simply since you stopped working to report or discipline the transgressor. Having somebody lose their task is far much better than participating in a funeral service.

Do you have any mantra you live or work by?

I think if you asked somebody what mantra I state usually, it would be, “How can I help?” When I have a clients or customer call me with a problem the first thing I ask is, “How can I assist,” when I take a look at a situation where somebody requires specialized training I asked, “How can I help.” I think if more individuals approached circumstances with “how can I help” rather than how can I join the issue it would be a better world.

What is your superpower?

If it’s a superpower, I would say mine is sharing knowledge. I’ve assisted lots of people understand the threat they take every day and how to minimize the capacity of harm to themselves or others, in the work environment or at home.

What company or business do you really admire in regards to security and health?

Two companies that I admire for their efforts in safety are the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and the Independent Signboard Operators, U.S.A.. These 2 groups have actually committed to promoting security at all of their occasions to try to drive the message of worker safety all the way down to the most affordable level in every marketing company. My hat is off to both of them.


Jim Poage

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