Security In Your Freediving Training Sessions–

a pool or on a line. If you follow freediving news at all, you understand that skilled, professional athletes have died training alone, and unfortunately it is not as uncommon as you might believe. Blackouts themselves are not fatal, so long as there is someone there to bringyou to the surface and turn you over. But if there is nobody there to turn you over, who will save you? That is why the most important rule in freediving is to never freedive alone. Improve Your Own Security Skills An excellent security diver allows the primary freediver to feel far more unwinded and at ease, and concentrate on what needs to be focused on, instead of fretting about the safety’s capabilities. This is why it is essentialto be the very best security scuba diver possible: concentrate on the person diving, find out timing, take your security dive as seriously as you take your own dive, hold the rope as the primary freediver descends, take a CPR/First Help course, etc. The more seriously you take safety in freediving, the more regard you will make from other freedivers, and you will never ever have a scarcity of individuals wanting to train with you.Final Thoughts The principle of security can be severely underestimated, particularly when it comes to individuals who have not taken a qualified freediving course and are not knowledgeable about just what can go incorrect. But in the end, it is always much better to have correct safety and wind up not requiring it since the

dive succeeded, rather than gambling your life on performances in hazardous conditions.

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