Security just for the Rich and Powerful –

Security only for the Rich and Powerful

We see today that safety is just for the strong, wealthy and effective( If you run a small organisation and can’& rsquo; t manage safety or lack competence in security, or are isolated in the bush, enjoy out –– you’& rsquo; re off to gaol. If you are a mega corporation, well connected and can buy a QC or SC, you’& rsquo; ll never go to gaol. You can manage safety, even any huge fine, just pass it on to shareholders.Yes, it is extremely sad that people pass away at work. Yes, this 72 year old lady undoubtedly ran a junk yard for 40 years that was an advertisement hoc collection of & lsquo; make do & rsquo;, & lsquo; can do’& rsquo; and ‘& lsquo; it will do & rsquo; ways of selling junk. Yes, she was undoubtedly oblivious of office safety basics. Yes, you might get a bargain from this 72 years of age at a menagerie of mess 174 kilometres from Melbourne, if you might find it. Probably her work practices had not altered considering that she started in 1979. However what is the genuine message in this story? What lessons and knowings are here for her, for us and for Safety? What will change in health and wellness for this 72 years of age serving time in gaol? Having actually operated in gaols, I’& rsquo; ll inform you now –– nothing!If you are a business leviathan, you will never go to gaol despite how lots of individuals are killed on site.Of course, her work practices were most likely

atrocious but I wager they had worked for her for 40 years. When you run a struggling scrap yard organisation making a bare couple of dollars, security is costly and would probably put you out of business. I & rsquo; m sure there were probably Officeworks SWMS on a shelf somewhere in her untidy shed/office anyway.I have lived in nation and wilderness for several years and on separated properties similar to this one and in Australia we reward those who & lsquo; have a go & rsquo;, & lsquo; make do & rsquo; and have a & lsquo; can do & rsquo; mindset.’& lsquo; Can do’ & rsquo; is one of the ‘mantras for lots of tier one organisations. The Australian frontier spirit is about & lsquo; can do & rsquo;. It & rsquo; s developed into the Australian Legend we commemorate every Anzac Day (!.?.!; We even have a Prime Minister who continuously spruiks the jingoistic ideology of & lsquo; trying & rsquo;!( ).

It is clear from the story that the fine and court costs alone will put this female out of service, that’& rsquo; s the end of ‘her happiness in life, love of & lsquo; treasures & rsquo; and hoarding & lsquo; junk & rsquo;. But if you being in an ivory tower on the 44 th flooring of a skyscraper in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, you have absolutely nothing to stress over with Due Diligence ( or come to the Due Diligence Workshop ( )if you desire a taste of truth in safety. Discover where the fear is and that most of what is practiced in security doesn & rsquo; t work anyhow. All the lists, mantras, matrices, pyramids and administration that are carried out in routine performance wear & rsquo; t invoke safety nor secure you in court should you be unlucky anyhow. However if you are splash for money, you have little to fear.Do some research, who with loan, power or position ever goes to gaol for an office fatality? What happened to the executives in BP? Texas City? Pike River? Do any of these gigantic fines and dangers of prosecution change the culture of security at work? The response to these questions certainly depends on your wealth, power and position. This is the message in this story.So, where is the federal government and regulator in the enlightening space? When you can & rsquo; t manage security and are isolated in

some little nation town or farm in the middle of no place, and you don’& rsquo; t understand any better, what does a gaol sentence serve? And if we only dish out gaol sentences to the small time bumblers, what do we learn? What does it state about a market that crusades on concepts that only have suggesting if you can afford it? The number of more nation services out there do the exact same every day but are simply fortunate? I know of lots of.

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