#SeeHerWork Project Launches Inaugural Event in Houston to Advocate for Gender Particular Security Standards

150 women deaths associated each year to carrying out work activities in uncomfortable Personal Protective Devices (PPE)

Houston, Texas– January 4, 2018– SeeHerWork, a company that develops, produces and sells workwear, security devices, and other job-specific products for women, today announced the #SeeHerWork occasion series, occurring in Houston, San Francisco, Detroit and Washington, D.C. The occasions will not just unite trade employees, community members and local politicians to share stories about the barriers to entry, addition and retention ladies face in the workforce due to ill-fitting Individual Protective Equipment( PPE ), but will also raise awareness to the unfair trade practices in the safety market by significant manufacturers that are reducing developments like SeeHerWork and putting workers at higher risk to keep market share. The very first #SeeHerWork awareness occasion will take place on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 in Houston, Texas. The #SeeHerWork event series will offer a safe area for the very first public discussion about the present workwear Fit Compliance standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and call on Congress for stricter penalties towards unjust trade practices by significant manufacturers that are reducing security innovations like SeeHerWork through a few of these standards.”Working together with other ladies to help restore in the consequences of Cyclone Harvey, I saw first-hand how harmful and challenging it is for them to carry out daily tasks due to uncomfortable gear, “said Jane Harvey, CEO, SeeHerWork.”Women have gone decades without the ideal clothes and equipment to perform their tasks, and resolving this is the initial step to fill empty labor positions today.”” SeeHerWork is right. There aren’t solutions for ladies, and this isn’t the only area that has had actually reduced development. Being a global supplier, we can say that this modification for women is definitely achievable,”said Anna Page, AMECO, Global PPE Manager. “The way of the future is tailored PPE programs to assist companies who want simple, economical purchasing, but not at the danger of negatively impacting security and efficiency. Proactive preparation of innovation and addition is saving lives and increasing efficiency; unlike the existing status quo that is putting employers at threat. “”SeeHerWork is highlighting the hurdles that are a challenge to development in the safety market,”said Forrest Hester, ANSI/SAIA A92.24 Sub-Committee– Secretary, Tutus Solutions, LLC– Founder/CSH.”

Today, major manufacturers reduce innovation in a variety of ways to keep their market share. SeeHerWork is filling a need in the market that is actively being overlooked. We anticipate working with SeeHerWork to improve security in the industry and bring awareness to unfair trade practices that are putting lives at risk. “Master everything from OSHA policies, to high-tech safety devices in this FREE Unique Report: Building and construction Safety Subjects That Can Save Lives. Download it now! Get Involved: Share your story using the hashtag #SeeHerWork. For information on future #SeeHerWork awareness events, check out: https://seeherwork.com/pages/get-involved Women’s Service Enterprise National Council(WBENC)Elects SeeHerWork CEO Jane Harvey to Board of Directors Jane Henry, CEO of SeeHerWork, has

been called to the Women’s Company Business National Council(WBENC)Board of Directors, with a three-year term beginning in January 2019. WBENC is the nation’s largest certifier of women-owned organisations and

leader in females’s organisation advancement. The election recognizes name’s active commitment to WBENC as a WBENC-Certified Women’s

Organisation Enterprise (WBE)and a member of the Women’s Business Forum, which serves in an advisory capability to the WBENC Board, offering input and feedback on WBENC programs and other matters.”Jane has been a remarkable partner to WBENC throughout the years,”states Pamela Prince-Eason, WBENC President & CEO.”We are proud and honored that she will be bringing her skill and proficiency to the WBENC Board of Directors. The post #SeeHerWork Project Launches Inaugural Occasion in Houston to Promote for Gender Specific Safety Standards appeared first on Forester Network.

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