SgMA – Safety and Green Management Assessment

In line with the Joint MND-MOM Review Committee on Construction Safety to extend safety awareness and promote safety culture in small and medium construction firms, Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) introduced a simplified version of the OHS Management System called Safety and Green  Management Assessment (SgMA) Scheme.

Under this scheme, all applicants of Singapore List of Trade Sub-contractors (SLOTS) are required to complete this scheme in order to obtain SLOTS registered contractors.


The SgMA certificate will be renewed yearly if the firm continued to meet the SgMA requirements.

bizSAFE Application – Direct Entry Guide for SLOTS Members


The aim of this SgMA system is to help the contractors to facilitate easy implementation to meet the SLOTS membership requirements set by SCAL.

Companies will take approximately 3-5 months to develop and implement the SgMA system for their worksites. Once the system is in-placed, the company may proceed to submit the SgMA Audit Request form to SC2 to arrange for an audit.

During the audit, non-conformity and/or observation reports may be issued. The applicant firm should clarify and understand fully the non-conformities raised before acknowledging them.

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