Singapore Government bizSAFE Resources: Access Official Information

Singapore Government bizSAFE Resources: Access Official Information===

In Singapore, workplace safety and health are of paramount importance. To ensure that businesses prioritize the well-being of their employees, the Singapore government has implemented the bizSAFE program. This certification scheme helps companies establish and maintain a safe working environment by providing them with the necessary resources and guidelines. In this article, we will delve into the details of bizSAFE certification and explore the various official government resources available to businesses seeking to obtain this certification.

Understanding bizSAFE Certification in Singapore

bizSAFE certification is a comprehensive program developed by the Singapore government to enhance workplace safety and health standards across the country. This certification scheme is designed to guide companies in implementing effective safety management systems, reducing the risk of accidents, and safeguarding the well-being of employees.

The bizSAFE certification process consists of five levels, each building upon the previous one to strengthen safety practices within an organization. Level 1 focuses on top management commitment and serves as an introductory course to familiarize businesses with safety management concepts. Level 2 involves a risk management workshop, where companies learn to identify and mitigate hazards in their workplaces. Level 3 requires companies to develop a safety management system, while Level 4 emphasizes the importance of implementing the system effectively. Finally, Level 5 involves an audit conducted by an independent third party to assess the company’s safety performance.

To achieve bizSAFE certification, businesses must complete the relevant courses and fulfill the requirements of each level. This certification not only demonstrates a company’s commitment to workplace safety but also enhances its reputation and credibility among clients, partners, and employees.

Accessing Official Government Resources for bizSAFE Certification

The Singapore government provides a wealth of official resources to assist businesses in their journey towards obtaining bizSAFE certification. These resources are readily accessible and offer valuable guidance and support throughout the certification process.

  1. bizSAFE website: The official bizSAFE website ( is a one-stop platform where businesses can find comprehensive information about the certification program. It provides an overview of the different levels of certification, the benefits of obtaining bizSAFE certification, and the steps involved in the certification process. The website also offers frequently asked questions, case studies, and success stories from certified companies, providing valuable insights and inspiration for businesses embarking on their certification journey.

  2. Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC): The WSHC is a statutory body under the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore that oversees workplace safety and health matters. It plays a crucial role in promoting and implementing the bizSAFE program. The WSHC website ( offers a wide range of resources, including downloadable guides, toolkits, and templates to help businesses establish and maintain a safe working environment. These resources cover various aspects of workplace safety, such as risk assessment, hazard identification, and emergency preparedness.

  3. bizSAFE Service Providers: The Singapore government has authorized several bizSAFE service providers to deliver the necessary training and consultancy services for businesses seeking certification. These service providers have undergone stringent assessments to ensure their competence in delivering quality training and guidance. The list of authorized service providers can be found on the bizSAFE website, along with their contact details. Businesses can engage these service providers to receive professional advice, training, and assistance in navigating the certification process.


In conclusion, the bizSAFE certification program is a crucial initiative by the Singapore government to prioritize workplace safety and health. By accessing the official government resources available, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of the certification process and receive the necessary guidance and support to achieve certification. The bizSAFE program not only enhances the safety standards within organizations but also contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of the workforce. By obtaining bizSAFE certification, businesses demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and healthy working environment for their employees, ultimately fostering a culture of safety in Singapore.

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