Snake catchers prompt family pet owners to keep cats indoors for their security and sake of wildlife – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Mr Huntley shared the story on his Facebook page, sparking a heated debate over responsible family pet ownership.

” [Maturing] I liked my pet feline, she was amazing, and she was an indoor cat only and I ‘d hate for something like that to occur to her,” he said.

“The important things is most of felines that are hurt or killed are the ones that get struck on the roadway, or get into a cat fight, assaulted by a feral feline or they’re just in a lawn doing some prowling and get attacked by a dog.

“So it’s simply much, much safer for people to have them within.

“I believe if you love your feline you will not let that happen. If you don’t enjoy your cat then you will let it out.”

It’s not simply for the safety of our furry friends; keeping cats inside assists protect local native wildlife.

“We have a task of care to our nation and wildlife, people come from all over the world to see Australia, and our wildlife is shown all over the world as so special and valuable, and it’s so vital that we take responsibility for our animals, particularly felines, to protect that,” Mr Huntley stated.

“It’s not to state felines are vicious killers, they’re not. Their natural instinct is to hunt and prowl, and it’s something they do as a sport. It does not make them evil, it’s simply in their nature.

“It’s about being an accountable pet owner to not only secure our wildlife but also to protect your cat from cars and trucks, dogs and in this scenario, where a snake has actually got it.”

‘It’s a privilege to own a feline’

Recently Stewart Lalor from Brisbane Snake Catchers was called out to a residential or commercial property at Wishart What did you think?The ABC Brisbane Facebook page put Mr Huntley’s message to followers on Saturday. Here are a handful of remarks:

Do not blame the cats. Blame the owners too lazy and reckless to keep them in. Marg Fleetwood

Couldn’t concur more. We constructed an enclosure for our felines before we moved into our property 16 years back, it’s got lawn and concrete and shade fabric and is plenty big for our cats to delight in the outdoors, regrettably it is not snake evidence. At night they are still brought inside your home so snakes (and toads) can’t get at them. Dani Katz

I love felines. I matured with felines. I don’t keep felines now since we can’t keep them safely confined. It’s simply so hard to comprehend why we still need to be having this discussion. Pat Pendrey

I enjoy all animals but felines are natural predators and unless you have the centers to permit them their flexibility but in an enclosed area, this is what occurs. The snake was hungry bless it and regretfully the owner has lost a family pet. #LIVEANDLEARN. Abby Monseigneur

We have a new feline and 100 percent will be keeping it inside or on a lead. Love our birds, lizards and pests way excessive. Nebula Wild


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