Starbucks to set up needle-disposal boxes after employees raise security concerns|HR Dive

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The opioid epidemic has hit American employers hard over the past numerous years. Employees battling dependency may sustain regular absences and be disengaged or ineffective when they do appear. A recent study concluded that the epidemic has cost the U.S. $1 trillion considering that 2011; much of that total reflects lost earnings, productivity and tax profits. Drug dependency likewise having trouble finding enough competent labor to fill task openings.

As the new petition shows, nevertheless, even indirect impacts of drug abuse– such as discarded needles– can have a big impact on employee retention, security and spirits. Last fall, three Starbucks baristas in Seattle informed a regional tv station that they dealt with disposed of hypodermic needles at work on a near-daily basis.

Employers may stress over the “optics” of needle-disposal boxes in a non-medical setting such as a consumer washroom. Employers, nevertheless, have a legal duty to offer a safe work environment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers should do the following , in addition to bring out other responsibilities:

Companies have been working to address other security problems in recent months, too. In October 2018, the National Security Council found that harassment is on OSHA’s radar, and could one day fall under the firm’s province, requiring employers to take a more preventative approach.

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