Summary: Safety Alert on Worker Pinned by Collapsed Structure, Emphasizing ISO45001 and bizSAFE Implementation

On June 15, 2023, a tragic incident occurred at a demolition site where a wall segment collapsed, resulting in a fatality. This incident emphasizes the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations, including ISO45001 standards and bizSAFE implementation, in managing workplace safety risks.

Key Safety Measures:

  • Pre-demolition survey: Assessing the structural stability and implementing supports like shores and braces to ensure stability.
  • Demolition plan: Detailing the sequence and approach, considering the building’s structural integrity, and informing workers of safe procedures.
  • Permit-to-work (PTW) system: Ensuring all safe working conditions are met.
  • Safe work method: Implementing a top-down wall-hacking approach and conducting risk assessments to ensure relevant risk controls.
  • Work supervision: Monitoring the site frequently for possible unsafe conditions.
  • Safety training: Encouraging training for contractors and consultants.

ISO45001 and bizSAFE Implementation:

  • ISO45001: Adhering to this international standard for occupational safety and health can ensure systematic identification, control, and reduction of risks.
  • bizSAFE Implementation: Following bizSAFE practices, tailored to Singapore’s context, can enhance the overall safety culture within the organization, focusing on risk management and safety practices.


The unfortunate incident underscores the critical importance of comprehensive safety protocols in construction and demolition activities. Implementing ISO45001 standards and bizSAFE practices can lead to a more robust safety culture, minimizing risks, and ensuring legal compliance. Organizations should refer to the SS 557: 2010 Code of Practice for Demolition and WSH Council’s Technical Advisory for Demolition for more detailed guidance.



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