Top 10 Strategies to Achieve bizSAFE Certification Quickly

Obtaining bizSAFE certification is a crucial first step for companies in Singapore who want to raise the bar on worker safety. These top 10 tips will help you obtain bizSAFE certification quickly and effectively, regardless of whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your certification.

1. Recognise the levels of bizSAFE.

Understanding the various bizSAFE levels is essential before beginning the certification process. There are five levels in bizSAFE, and each one has distinct requirements for activities and commitments.

Level 1: To learn about workplace safety and health (WSH) policies, top management participates in a bizSAFE session.
Level 2: Designate a champion for risk management (RM) to go to a bizSAFE risk management course.
Level 3: Put in place a WSH Risk Management Plan and have it examined by an auditor who has been approved by MOM.
Step 4: Create a WSH Management System and arrange for an audit.
Level Star: Obtain ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001/SS506 certification.

2. Ensure the Support of Top Management

A bizSAFE accreditation requires the support of upper management, which must be obtained. It is imperative that leaders recognise the significance of workplace safety and demonstrate a willingness to dedicate time and resources towards obtaining and upholding bizSAFE accreditation. Their dedication ensures that safety becomes a top concern and sets the tone for the entire company.

3. Designate a Committed RM Champion

It is essential to designate a specific Risk Management (RM) Champion. This person will be in charge of supervising the risk management procedure, going to the required training, and making sure that all safety procedures are followed. A motivated and well-trained RM Champion can expedite the certification process considerably.

4. Participate in Mandatory Workshops and Classes

Completing the required workshops and courses is a prerequisite for earning the bizSAFE certification. These seminars offer insightful information on risk management, WSH policies, and building a strong safety management system. To prevent delays, make sure your RM Champion and upper management show up for these sessions on time.

5. Create a thorough WSH policy

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policies that are properly documented are the foundation of bizSAFE certification. This policy should specify your company’s commitment to safety, personnel roles and duties, and risk management protocols. Make sure that every employee understands this policy and that it is routinely evaluated for applicability and efficacy.

6. Put in Place a Sturdy Risk Management Strategy

A thorough risk management strategy must be put into action in order to reach bizSAFE Level 3. Potential dangers should be noted, along with risks and steps to reduce or eliminate them, in this strategy. To handle new risks and guarantee continuous adherence to WSH regulations, review and update the risk management plan on a regular basis.

7. Carry Out Frequent Safety Audits

Conducting routine safety audits is crucial to ensuring bizSAFE compliance. These audits assist in locating possible safety concerns and offer a chance to resolve them before they worsen. Make sure that all safety regulations are fulfilled by conducting these audits with an authorised MOM auditor.

8. Promote a Culture of Safety First

To obtain and keep your bizSAFE certification, your company must have a safety-first culture. Encourage staff members to report risks, include safety in daily duties, and attend safety training sessions. Acknowledge and commend workers who show a dedication to workplace safety.

9. Involve Workers in Safety Initiatives

Participating staff in safety campaigns and programmes is essential to the accomplishment of your bizSAFE accreditation. Involve them in the development and implementation of safety procedures, and encourage their input on how to improve workplace safety. Regular safety meetings and training sessions can help keep safety top of mind.

10. Track and Enhance Constantly

Achieving bizSAFE certification is not a one-time effort. It requires continuous monitoring and improvement of your safety practices. Regularly review your WSH policies, risk management plans, and safety procedures to ensure they remain effective and up to date. Use feedback from audits, incidents, and employee suggestions to make necessary improvements.

In summary

Achieving bizSAFE certification can significantly enhance your business’s reputation and ensure a safer workplace for your employees. By following these top 10 strategies, you can streamline the certification process and achieve bizSAFE quickly and efficiently.

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