The Complete Checklist for bizSAFE Certification: What You Need to Know

Acquiring bizSAFE certification is a noteworthy achievement for any Singapore-based enterprise dedicated to occupational safety and health. This detailed checklist and step-by-step guide will assist you in efficiently and successfully completing the bizSAFE certification procedure. The following information will help you obtain your certification and make your workplace a safer place to work.

Recognizing bizSAFE
The Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) created the bizSAFE program, which assists businesses in strengthening their capacity to manage health and safety risks in the workplace. The five tiers of the program are intended to progressively enhance an organization’s proficiency in Risk Management (RM), Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) management systems, and cultivating a proactive safety culture.

bizSAFE Level 1: Workshop for CEOs and Top Management
Participate in the Workshop: The company’s top management must attend a bizSAFE session led by a training provider certified by the WSHC as the first step.
Workshop Subject: The session centers on the duties and obligations of upper management in promoting occupational health and safety.

Course on Risk Management (RM) at bizSAFE Level 2
Name a Champion for Risk Management: Choose a qualified team member to complete the RM course.
Finish the RM Course: To understand how to put an effective risk management plan into practice, the designated Risk Management Champion must finish the course.
Create an RM Plan: Make use of the information you learned in the course to create a solid risk management strategy that is customized to your business’s needs.

Level 3 of bizSAFE: Audit of Risk Management
Put RM Measures into Practice: Implement the RM plan throughout your entire company.
Get Ready for the Audit: Set up an outside audit conducted by a WSH auditor recognized by MOM.
Address Audit Feedback: Examine the auditor’s comments and make the required changes to your RM procedures.

WSH Management System (WSHMS) Plan is bizSAFE Level 4
Participate in WSHMS Training: A suitable employee should be sent to the WSHMS Plan training.
Create a WSHMS Plan: Building on the training, create a thorough plan that addresses organizational WSH policy, risk assessment, hazard identification, and risk control strategies.
Put the Plan Into Action: Put the WSHMS Plan into practice at work.

Level 5 of bizSAFE: Independent Audit
Accomplish the WSHMS Audit: Make sure the WSHMS is implemented and all documentation is prepared for an impartial audit.
Become audit-ready: Gain certification as bizSAFE Level 5 by passing the audit.
Overall Advice for bizSAFE Certification Success
Top Management Commitment: Assuring top management’s ongoing involvement and support is essential to the bizSAFE journey’s success.
Regular Training and Communication: Keep all staff informed and trained on safety practices. Regular communication helps maintain focus on safety and health objectives.
Record-keeping and Documentation: Maintain thorough documentation of all safety and health policies, RM plans, training records, and audit reports. Good record keeping supports easier management of the bizSAFE process and provides evidence of compliance.
Continuous Improvement: Always look for ways to improve safety measures. A culture of continuous improvement helps address emerging risks and enhances overall safety performance.

In summary
The journey to bizSAFE certification requires commitment, careful planning, and diligent execution. By following this checklist, your business will not only meet the requirements for certification but also foster a culture of safety and responsibility that benefits everyone in the organization. bizSAFE certification is more than a compliance achievement; it’s a reflection of your company’s dedication to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

Achieving bizSAFE certification can enhance your company’s reputation, operational efficiency, and open up more business opportunities as it reassures partners and customers of your commitment to workplace safety. If you require assistance at any stage of the bizSAFE certification process or need to ensure your practices align with the best industry standards, consider reaching out to professional safety consultants who can provide tailored support and guidance.

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