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With an abundant history going back 85 years, Edwardsville, Ill.-based Cassens Transport is devoted to providing leading vehicle logistics services. The company delivers as many as 10,000 lorries per day for 11 car producers in the U.S. and North America.

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SmartDrive Systems revealed Cassens Transport Business, one of the earliest automobile logistics services business in the United States, signs up with a growing roster of car transporters that have deployed the SmartDrive program across its whole fleet of almost 1,200 trucks.Cassens selected the

SmartDrive solution following a thorough competitive review and head-to-head pilot program. Business leaders pointed out platform scalability and flexibility, intuitive interface, and superior customer care and responsiveness as crucial consider choosing the SmartDrive system.”Cassens Transport– and many automobile haulers– are

100%responsible for damage to any vehicles they haul, so safety is of prime value,”stated Joshua Suhre, operations and labor supervisor at Cassens.”When we began to experience a boost in jury judgements versus us when our chauffeurs were not at fault, we knew we needed to find a video-based safety option to prove their innocence. When we installed the SmartDrive program, we quickly understood that the advantages of video-based security extend far beyond exonerations, allowing us to minimize losses associated with lorry damage, in addition to enhance chauffeur habits and lower the variety of actual events.”With a rich history going back 85 years, Edwardsville, Ill.-based Cassens Transport is committed to supplying premier

vehicle logistics services, noting its dependence on,”the finest individuals, finest techniques and finest innovation.”The business provides as many as 10,000 vehicles per day for 11 vehicle makers in the U.S. and North America. In addition to exonerating drivers, fleet supervisors likewise sought a service that would help decrease automobile damage, the bulk of which occurs during packing and dumping. Throughout the pilot program, Cassens Transport experienced a 58%decrease in high-risk driving events, consisting of following too close, speeding, lane departures

and insufficient stops, contributing to a 61 %improvement in the fleet’s SmartDrive safety rating. Suhre and his group rapidly noted the worth of SmartDrive 360, which makes it possible for fleets to set off as much as four cams simultaneously for optimum insight to run the risk of. They likewise appreciate the benefits of Prolonged Recording, which catches hard-to-get, low impact incidents to provide additional video context and make sure compliance.


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