Tree Stand Pal Acquires Horizon Safety System

Tree Stand Buddy
Developed for hang-on portables, the Tree Stand Pal permits you to hoist the stand from the ground with a rope. After climbing up to the stand, you can rapidly and securely connect the portable to the tree via an ingenious bracket system

. Tree Stand Friend is a bracket system created for securely installing a hang-on portable treestand, so the company’s current purchase of Horizon Security System, which concentrates on safely installing ladder stands, is a sensible fit.

For the previous 9 years, Tree Stand Friend has worked to increase its reach in the market. Obviously, as many deer hunters get older and less of them are nimble or strong enough to climb up into hang-on-style portables, the number of them preferring ladder stands has actually increased. With the acquisition of Skyline Safety System, the business now has easy-to-use and dependable items for hunters who utilize hang-on portables or ladders.

Pete Brown, designer of the Skyline Safety System, is positive about the future: “Coming together on this offer is precisely what I was looking for when I developed and patented this item. Tree Stand Friend has actually been a name that is known for security, and the Horizon Security System fits completely with their other lines.”

Carrying a brand-new name, the Ladder Stand Pal made its main launch during ATA 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We are thrilled about this item,” said Tree Stand Friend Director of Operations Nick Sampson. “It really alters the video game when it concerns establishing ladder stands.”

According to Sampson, Tree Stand Pal and the new Ladder Stand Buddy will continue their strategies of securing dealerships and providing the very best margin possible.

For additional information on both items, contact Nick Sampson via email at:!.?.!. To see the Tree Stand Buddy and the brand-new Ladder Stand Friend in operation, click here. The Ladder Stand Pal features two pivot arms that wrap around the tree, making it safe for you to rise and then attach ratchet straps to secure the ladder to the tree.

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