Two Fold Twist Short Film On Road Safety

As the tail of the year approaches New Year Party In the world prepares to welcome 2019 with a terrific celebration. New Year’s Eve can make you classic of the 12 months that sped by but do not you fret, make up for all the nights you missed by catching-up for this 31st night. Party with family, buddies, celebration outdoors and in turn to have the finest Brand-new Year. Apart from the celebration and pleasure you ought to look after your safety while driving and you can assist the others throughout the roadway mishap. 1,37,000 people passed away on India’s roads last year. Our roads are the most harmful worldwide and so Producer Chanda Patel made a short film “2 Fold Twist” staring Suraj Kumar and Raveena Tilwat to spread out the message of Roadway Safety and helping others while roadway mishap. This brief movie is made to spread out awareness among people to drive safely, as their life matters to someone. Many pass away as a consequence of inexperience, speeding, intoxication or simply plain recklessness. The focus of this short film is to provide a message to the masses and children about the assisting others during roadway mishap.

While speaking to the media Chanda Patel Said,” When a roadway accident occurs, bystanders will generally try to help the injured, or a minimum of call for help. In India it’s various. In a country with a few of the world’s most harmful roadways, victims are all frequently delegated look after themselves. Movie is a strong medium which has maximum effect on people as they keep in mind scenes and discussions for long period of time. Through this film, we wish to provide message that people can atleast notify the cops by dialling 100 or call in ambulance by dialling 108 from their phones. This will assist in conserving precious lives”.

Mentioning that roadway mishaps are the greatest cause of death in the city, The aim of the movie is to raise awareness of road security and aid to conserve lives. Director Riyan Koul stated, “the majority of the mishaps are due to the neglect. Lots of people have actually lost lives because traffic guidelines were not followed. It is really crucial to be accountable while driving. Roadway security must likewise be taught to kids from a young age”.

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