Tyler Hall goes over flood safety

ALEXANDRIA, La, (KALB) – With all of the current rainfall in main Louisiana, we have been seeing extreme weather watches and warnings concerning flooding in the location.

Here are some handy ideas when it concerns flood security. Keep away from the flood-prone locations in your parish such as stream beds, drain ditches and/or culverts. Relocate to higher ground if flooding does pose a threat to. Staying weather condition alert and conscious during heavy rainy weather condition is essential also.

Never ever, under any scenarios, drive your automobile into water of an unidentified depth. Most of flash flood deaths might take place when folks drive their lorries into flooded roadways. The famous saying when it comes to flood security awareness is, “Reverse Don’t Drown!”

Desert your car right away if it winds up stalling and make certain to look for greater ground in a flooded road. Cars might be swept away rather rapidly as flood waters increase rather rapidly. Streets that are flooded can conceal a number of threats such as rocks, trees, garbage and other kinds of particles that may threaten to someone in their path.

The KALB First Alert Storm Group will continue to keep an eye on the area rivers throughout Central Louisiana as levels will stay high for days if not weeks moving forward in the early stages of twenty-thousand nineteen. Please download the KALB Weather app for your smart device, search KALB WX in the app store and likewise please go on and like our KALB Weather condition Facebook page also. The app and Facebook page gets upgraded daily a number of times a day. We will continue to monitor this river flood circumstance on these platforms and any other big weather occasions that will occur during 2019. Stay weather aware and remain safe.



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