Volvo Trucks Malaysia Puts Safety First With Two Roadway Security Campaigns –

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has 2 roadway security projects running i.e. “Stop, Look and Wave” and “See and Be Seen”, with the goal of increasing road security awareness especially for children and bicyclists. While expert truck motorists have the responsibility to drive in a safe way, other roadway users need to likewise be aware of the restrictions and difficulties of driving a behemoth of a car.

< a href ="">< img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-90503 "src= " "alt= "Volvo Trucks_See And Be Seen_Blind Areas "width= "300" height= "163" > A fine example would be the massive locations of blind areas a truck chauffeur needs to contend with, along with its large turning radius, specifically when the truck is hauling load. The “See and Be Seen “effort is targeted at increasing this awareness for other roadway users that share the roadway with a truck (or bus). Equipped with the knowledge that a lot of accidents are because of human factors such as absence of attention, bad understanding and misjudgement, Volvo Trucks took the lead in developing enjoyable activities that demonstrate how security can be improved in the interactions in between bicyclists, motorcylists and truck drivers that will assist to decrease the threat of accidents.

As part of the “See and Be Seen” campaign, Volvo Trucks also organised a Festive Season Safe Drive campaign, in partnership with Petronas Carigali in Kerteh, to assist educate the public, particularly motorcyclists, on road security. A a great deal of road deaths in Malaysia include motorcyclists and Volvo Trucks, with the help of its professional chauffeur fitness instructors, highlighted the danger of riding in a truck’s blind areas.

“81% of road mishaps in Malaysia are due to human mistakes,” stated Mitch Peden, the Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia. “It is not enough for us to make our trucks much safer, we play a crucial role in making certain the world’s roads are much safer too. Security talks with our partners and the neighborhoods that we operate in are part of Volvo Trucks’ on-going efforts to make our roadways more secure for everyone.”

The “Stop, Look and Wave” project was originated by Volvo Trucks in Sweden and is designed to assist children comprehend how to act securely near traffic. With 3 basic actions, “to very first stop, to then look and notice their surroundings and lastly, to wave at the chauffeur and make sure they have been seen,” the campaign provides simple yet crucial recommendations to kids that might eventually conserve lives.

“Over 260,000 kids around the world die in traffic mishaps each year. Through cooperation with regional partners, we want to do our part to keep Malaysian kids safe on the road,” includes Peden.

It is hoped that through these two campaigns, Volvo Trucks can have a favorable effect on decreasing road mishaps and make a distinction to the lives of roadway users, not just in Malaysia but around the world.

Volvo Trucks actively supports and works together with communities and organisations throughout Malaysia to help promote road safety. If you are interested in welcoming Volvo Trucks to talk about the “Stop, Look and Wave” or “See and Be Seen”, please reach out to:!.?.!


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