Workplace safety is everyone's job

We read with interest the letters by Ms Dipa Swaminathan (Consider stiffer measures to deter work safety breaches; July 17), Mr Rajasegaran Ramasamy (Developers must get involved in safety meetings too; July 21) and the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health (Workplace safety is responsibility of employers; July 26).

As a trade association focused on improving workplace safety and health (WSH) , the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) is acutely aware of and concerned about the recent high profile workplace fatalities.

We have been collaborating with key stakeholders to improve WSH in Singapore.

One of our core beliefs is that it is in everyone’s interest and responsibility to make improvements in WSH.

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Hence, the head of an organisation is as responsible as the rank-and-file staff in setting and executing the direction on how safe practices should be implemented, practised, documented and improved on a continuing basis.

In short, the WSH mindset needs to be embedded at all levels at the workplace. There are many considerations at each level, but the safety of workers at the workplace must be at the core.

Raising WSH standards is a collective effort.

It requires continuous and progressive efforts in a journey where WSH becomes ingrained into the strategic and operational mindsets of organisations.

Karl Hamman

Management Committee of the General Insurance Association

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