World Day for Work Environment Safety and Health

Friday 28th April, 2017 marks the day when the entire world will honour those who have actually died in office events. The World Day for Security and Health at Work accompanies Workers’ Memorial Day and is a crucial pointer for all organisations that we need to make health and security a top priority in order to lower the rate of work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses.

Although job-related death rates have been decreasing across the Pacific, 178 employees in Australia and 49 in New Zealand lost their lives in 2016. With , and 45 in Australia, the data are still too high.

According to Worksafe NZ, the social and financial expense of individuals being eliminated and hurt in New Zealand workplaces alone is conservatively estimated at $ 3.5 billion each year There are plainly financial factors, on top of the clear psychological factor, for companies to care about health and security legal compliance.

It’s time we get genuine about this problem.

We all know how important this issue is and yet every month, we become aware of businesses all over the world committing grossly negligent practises, typically in the name of conserving cash. Obviously, the outcome is that these business end up losing loan, or declaring bankruptcy, through lawsuits and the fines related to non-compliance. In Victoria alone, . And on top of that, there is the really genuine threat of prison time for company owner.

What can we do to solve this problem?

Get involved!

On 28th April, no matter who you are within an organisation, you can take the lead to favorably affect your work environment health and security.

Above all, the most important thing you can do is begin a conversation at work. Talking honestly, without casting blame or fault, will start to raise workplace health and security concerns as a concern for your organisation. By raising awareness and taking the lead to raise the security requirements of your work environment, we can jointly help to avoid additional injuries and death throughout all markets.


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