Legal Registry – Evaluation EHS

Following are the objectives of an HSE Legal Register Update and Compliance audit:

Evaluation of legal compliance and suggestion for corrective actions in your HSE ISO systems

Assist Company by establishing a Legal Register for Laws & Regulations Requirements which are applicable to HSE activities in your company database

Identify gaps in compliance by analyzing the potential applicable legal registry to ensure ISO system audit is compliance

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The monitoring of Health – Safety – Environment (HSE) legislation is required an accurate and timely update. However, it is sometimes difficult for companies to follow up while the legislation is changing every day, leading to mistakes and shortcomings during the HSE audit process.

Many small and medium enterprises or even multi-national corporations usually depend on consultants or lawyers for professional advice to comply with regulations relevant to their practical operation or they have to spend too much time searching and updating legal requirements to avoid missing any new legislation.

Singapore legal register updating service for companies looking to comply with the statutory requirements managed by the Ministry of Manpower, National Environmental Agency, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Building & Construction Authority and the Singapore Police Force.

The legal register development and updating service will also meet the legal compliance requirement as stated in the ISO HSE Management system

What IS HSE Legal Register ?

  • Citation of Legislation
  • Reference of Statutory
  • Relevant Provisions

HSE Legal Register Purpose ?

  • Management system audit requirement
  • For legal compliance applicability
  • Demonstrate legal compliance to Singapore Law

Why Choose Us ?

  • Customized solution to your company by carefully selection of applicable law.
  • Fast and efficient
  • Experienced consultants

What are the scope and expectation ?

  • Establish a Legal Register Database of Laws & Regulations Requirements which is applicable to HSSE and easy to use for all of your employees.
  • Survey to evaluate the implementation of legal compliance in your company. The survey  involves interviewing personnel and document checking; and
  • Define a list of actions to fill any identified gaps and help your company comply with local legal requirements.
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