Safety Time Out (STO)

Who does it apply to:

All companies in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Process
  • Transportation and storage
  • All companies in other sectors which use heavy or industrial vehicles such as buses, lorries, prime movers, forklifts, cranes, and wheel-loader.

Mandatory safety time-out

A safety time out (STO) is a workplace safety and health (WSH) response measure that involves the temporary suspension of the company’s operations to review risk assessments, improve site safety, and communicate the importance of WSH to all workers

MOM will check for compliance to this mandatory STO from 16 September 2022 onwards. If your company does not comply with the STO, your company may face debarment from hiring new foreign employees for 1 month.

After a recent spate of fatal accidents at the workplace, the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) called for a safety time-out (STO). It is a measure that involves the temporary suspension of all or part of a company’s operations to address WSH concerns in the workplace. In other words, work stops for a while so that they can review safety procedures.

Need help?

Workplace safety is vital to the health and safety of employees. It helps to minimize risks and potential accidents, and it can even improve productivity. There are many ways to promote workplace safety, such as:
– Providing employees with training and information about the potential hazards they may encounter in the workplace
– Conducting regular inspections to check for safety hazards and fixing any issues that are found
– Maintaining open communication between management and employees so that all can share their ideas and concerns about workplace safety

What we will help you with

1)Briefing of STO checklist
2)Briefing records and guideline to management on how to maintain STO items
3)WSHC alert briefing
4)RA update on STO requirement
5)Training records checks & implementation
6)Briefing and refresher briefing on STO focus topic SWP
7)Site inspection with report

Workplace safety is something that is often overlooked by corporations. However, it is critical for employees to work in a safe environment. Sage Shield Safety Consultants is a consulting company that specializes in making workplaces safer. We work with businesses to create a safe and healthy environment for their workers. We believe that work environments should be as stress-free as possible and we are committed to making that happen. We offer a variety of workplace safety services including: risk assessments, safety training, and consultations with experts.

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