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StartSAFE is a programme initiated by the WSH Council to assist non-bizSAFE Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) adopt good WSH practices and embark on the bizSAFE journey.
Eligibility Criteria
SMEs that are non-bizSAFE certified may apply. Companies that are under Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Programme or any legal investigations may not be eligible.

Key Features
StartSAFE consists of 2 visits:

1st Visit (Complimentary)
-The WSH Consultants will identify the WSH lapses on-site together with the employer(s) / employees and provide advice and hands-on guidance to the companies in rectifying the WSH lapses on the spot.
-Participating companies may be bizSAFE Level 1 recognised upon completion of 1st visit. #

# Top management (minimally 3rd Tier management representative) has to be present throughout the 1st visit with the submission of WSH Policy and Organisation chart.

2nd Visit * (Optional)
-Training of a RM Champion (appointed by the Owner) in Risk Management (RM) (inclusive of Risk Assessment (RA) and Safe Work Procedures (SWP) documents).
-Participating companies may be bizSAFE Level 2 recognised upon completion of 2nd visit. ##

* Participating company needs to co-pay 10% of the 2nd visit cost
## based on the competency level of the appointed RM Champion at the end of the 2nd visit. WSH Council will have the final decision in the bizSAFE Level 2 recognition.

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